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A Blocked drain is one of the most inconvenient and frustrating plumbing problems in Brunswick. A slow draining sewer or a complete sewer blockage can make it difficult to get rid of waste surrounding your property. And the worst part is that many don’t even realise blocked drain problems until the damage becomes large. Don’t risk your health and safety of your property, call ProDrain Plumbing for quick, efficient, and cost-effective blocked drain Brunswick services.


At ProDrain Plumbing, we focus on delivering quick and trustworthy residential and commercial blocked drain services with the highest standards at affordable prices. Our blocked drain Brunswick plumbers provide both planned preventative maintenance and emergency blocked drain services. Our plumbers are super friendly and they are well versed with the latest high-tech plumbing equipment to fix your drain problems quickly and effectively without furthering the damage.


Whether it’s a blocked sink or a blocked drain, our blocked drain Brunswick experts are well trained to handle all types of blocked drains including stormwater and sewer drain. At ProDrain Plumbing, we guarantee that our blocked drain Brunswick team will identify the cause of the block precisely and remove them effectively without any fuss.

Blocked Stormwater Drain

Blocked stormwater drain issues are common and frequent in Brunswick. Leaking gutters and water puddles are a sign that your stormwater drain may not be functioning effectively as they should. Blockage in the stormwater drain is commonly caused by tree roots, dirt, and silt lying in the pipes. Any blockage in your stormwater drain should be addressed immediately, as they can turn into a biohazard quickly.
If you notice any signs of blockage in your stormwater drain, call our expert blocked drain Brunswick team to take care of your drain problems. You can rely on our blocked drain Brunswick plumbers to clear away any debris or repair any damaged pipes in your drain to avoid future blockages.
Need a specialist plumber to unblock a stormwater drain? Call ProDrain Plumbing at 1300911876

Common Blocked Drain Problems In Brunswick

A ProDrain Plumbing is just a phone call away. We are the highly-rated and most trusted plumbing services in Melbourne. Take a minute to review our ratings so you will be confident before choosing us.

Blocked Toilet

Toilets are an essential part of life, as we use it regularly. It is difficult to unclog a blocked toilet and often requires professionals and specialised tools to unclog it. A blocked toilet can be due to several reasons such as flushing excessive toilet papers or non-flushable materials.
Our blocked drain Brunswick plumbers are highly trained and skilled in using the latest tools to remove any toilet blockages. With our years of technical experience, we bet you that no plumbing issue is hard for us to fix.

Our Blocked Drain Service Includes:

Chemical-based clearing – Our blocked drain Brunswick experts use chemical-based unblocking for minor blockages such as food items, hair, and grease in your sinks, baths, or showers.


Sewer Snakes – We use sewer snakes to sometimes clear the sewer blockages caused by tree roots and foreign objects which have been flushed down the toilets.


CCTV Inspection – With the aid of CCTV drain cameras, our blocked drain Brunswick experts will locate the underlying cause of the blockage in sewer lines and stormwater drains.


Jet Cleaning – Using high-pressure water jets, our blocked drain Brunswick expert will cut through the rubble, silt, and tree roots in your sewer drain.


Preventative Maintenance – We offer a scheduled maintenance program for your sewer lines to prevent future blocks in your drains which can cost you a lot to fix.

ProDrain plumbing family is built on values of care, hard work, and honesty. Get all your plumbing requirements done by high-quality plumbers with over 15 years of experience. Whether it’s a Toilet repair or Gas Fitting, our plumbing experts are just a call away. Contact us for all your plumbing problems and put our expert plumbers to work for you today.

ProDrain Plumbing Team

Same Day Blocked Drain Plumber In Brunswick

At ProDrain Plumbing, our blocked drain Brunswick plumbers are available 24 hours a week, throughout the year to meet your blocked drain demands any place any time. Our emergency plumber team knows the urgency of a drain situation, and they will be at your doorstep in the shortest time possible to fix any blocked drain problems in your property.

Our blocked drain Brunswick plumbers are the experts when it comes to unblocking drains, pipes, and toilets in Brunswick. You can depend on the ProDrain Plumbing team to fix your blocked drains during emergencies and after hours.

Our expert ProDrain plumbing crew provides rapid service and strives hard to get your home or business back to normal within the same day. Our plumbing heroes get the job done quickly and efficiently in no time and our plumbers are always available 24/7.

Our services include and not limited to –

Reasonable Prices and Discounts

With ProDrain Plumbing we make sure that our prices are competitive and estimated correctly on all jobs.

Our super-fast and skilled ProDrain plumbing crew enable us to keep the costs down while providing efficient and quality work simultaneously. ProDrain Plumbing takes care of all your plumber needs from leaks, blocked drains to water heaters, and almost every other plumbing job at honest pricing.

Call 1300911876 for Specialised Local Plumbing Services.

Professionally Insured Plumber

We are fully licensed and insured plumbers and gas fitters. We have a fully trained and reliable crew who will work on your project regardless of its complexity and size.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

ProDrain Plumbing guarantee of Great and On-Time service. All jobs done by ProDrain Plumbing are backed by a written guarantee. All our plumbers are local, fully qualified, smart, presentable and polite, and extremely caring. We promise to keep your premises spotless and clean.

Call 1300911876 for Local Trusted Plumbers in Melbourne.

Hours of Operation

If you are looking for 24/7 emergency plumber services in Melbourne, simply give us a call. We are available 24/7 to connect you with our local professionals to ensure same day service. Book in for same-day service. Give us a call, sit back, and relax while we take care of your plumbing crisis.

Call today on 1300911876 for hassle-free plumbing service!

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At ProDrain Plumbing we value the importance of our customers, which reflects on our strong ability to provide a First Class Service.

We waste no time in responding to your needs and ensure we dedicate our full attention to giving you the best service and best price.

With already affordable prices, you will be blown away with our Special Offers and Discounts available. Please visit our Facebook Page to view these offers.

We are available to our Customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week along with an exceptional time response for Emergency and General services.

We offer our clients a variety of money-saving solutions and continually strive to exceed expectations.

We combine our use of the highest quality equipment, and our dedication to delivering exceptional services.

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